About Us

The mission of Imago Dei Leadership Forum (IDLF) is to glorify God by influencing student leaders to affirm their identity and faith in Jesus and learn the importance of loving others as image-bearers of God—both in history and today—to prepare them to share the Gospel and pursue Christ-centered justice.

Seeking to affirm the imago Dei (Latin for “image of God”) in each person, IDLF helps students wrestle with what it means to be an image-bearer of God.  By equipping students to root their identities in Christ and solidifying their faith, IDLF believes they will be able to better address the challenging issues facing them in their respective schools.

Through the In Whose Image? e-textbook, Imago Dei Leadership Forum classes, teacher worldview training, student assemblies, etc., IDLF is working hard to provide a myriad of resources to help educators, youth pastors, and parents to pursue our vision “to engage a generation to love Jesus and His image-bearers.”