“We have so enjoyed working with John Murray to bring research about and for the next generation into a biblical worldview context. In his new e-textbook In Whose Image? he has woven together wisdom about the urgently important topics of identity and image, media influence and discernment, history and justice and so much more in a format that is engaging for teens and adults alike. Thank you, John, for sharing your deep academic and practical teaching experience through this great resource for Christian education.”

Brooke Hempell, Senior VP of Research at The Barna Group

“Our children desperately need cultures of dignity and respect, but sadly the systems that have traditionally supported them are struggling to meet their needs in an increasingly complex and confusing world. John Murray’s In Whose Image? e-textbook is a social and emotional learning curricula that Christian schools can seamlessly integrate into their advisory or other classes so that students will have a better moral and ethical framework to make decisions that affirm their identities and give their lives meaning and purpose.”

Rosalind Wiseman, Founder of Cultures of Dignity and New York Times best-selling author of Queen Bees and Wannabees (the inspiration for the film Mean Girls)

“There is no doubt in my mind of the importance of this book. John has written an insightful and biblically sound primer that will forge deep paths leading to meaningful conversations and effective work toward understanding the reality and implications of being an image-bearer of God. John’s clarity, accompanied by a data-driven, comprehensive approach qualifies In Whose Image? to be a trustworthy resource for Christian leaders and parents to reference while engaging some of the most critical issues of our day.”

–Dr. Matt Thomas, Executive Director, The Center for Christian Education at Baylor University

“John Murray seamlessly weaves biblical truth into the difficult, uncomfortable realities of today’s culture. In Whose Image? takes a deep dive into what it means to be a redeemed image-bearer of God, and how this truth informs our view of ourselves, others, and the world around us. This is a “must read” for parents and teens who desire to tackle tough, real world issues; issues which shape the way we understand the potent cultural influences of both the past and today. The interactive nature of this e-textbook provides an innovative approach in helping both parents and teens understand who they are in an often confusing, ever-changing culture and how to be change-agents in a complex world.”

–John Holmes, Director of Operations and Strategy, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Young Life

“John Murray’s e-textbook In Whose Image? is a one-of-a-kind work. In my twelve years in Christian education, I have never encountered a resource like this. John’s heart and mind as a true Christian educator and his cultural understanding provide an opportunity for not only Christian students to benefit, grow and learn from this resource, but non-Christian students as well. In addition to being a very professional, academic work, the e-textbook is aesthetically pleasing. The pictures, videos and overall graphic design stimulate the mind and encourage readers to want to explore more. In summary, John has put together an incredible resource that I believe will be transformative for the hearts and minds of students everywhere.”

Aaron Layton, Coordinator for Minority Community Development & Inclusion at Westminster Christian Academy (St. Louis, MO) and author of Dear White Christian: What Every White Christian Needs to Know About How Black Christians See, Think, & Experience Racism in America

“I commend and recommend John Murray for his wisdom, compassion and zeal in protecting our children and grandchildren. Throughout the many years that I have known John, he has been an extraordinary witness and teacher, who cares. So, please pay close attention to his work, especially his new e-textbook In Whose Image?

Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of Movieguide and author of How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul)

“The ‘new normal’ decouples existence from Providence.  This major contest of ideas is as big as it gets in our culture, and no one has analyzed its ramifications, purpose, and meaning with the cogency and passion of author John Murray.  This is a singular work, and its captivating, compelling, and persuasive narrative makes it a genuine must-read.”

Tim Goeglein, VP of External Affairs at Focus on the Family and author of American Restoration: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation

“John Murray’s e-book In Whose Image? Image-bearers of God vs. The Image-Makers of Our Time is an invaluable resource for teachers, parents, youth leaders, and anyone involved in educating and discipling young people. The challenges of a secular, social media driven, and divisive culture have resulted in the escalation of teen depression and anxiety, and deep questions about personal identity. In Whose Image? provides clear and compelling teaching that will help young people build their lives on their true identity as a child of God and not the world. The e-book is presented in a creative, compelling format featuring a variety of print, media, and hands on learning experiences.”

Jim Marsh, Director Emeritus of the Van Lunen Center for Executive Management in Christian Schools (Calvin College) and Head of School Emeritus at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, Missouri

“There are only two answers to the question: ‘Who Are You?’ We are either evolutionary accidents, or we are created by an objectively existing God. How the question is answered determines the path we take in this life and where it leads in the next life. John Murray answers the question correctly and urges us to teach our children the truth so they might successfully rebuff  the spirit of this age.”

Cal Thomas, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and author of What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America

IDLF Endorsements


“What John Murray has done in forming the Leadership Forum is in strict accordance with the Scriptures that tell us to ‘teach a child in the way he should go.’  As educators, it is a high and holy calling with a sure responsibility to teach the next generation the heart of Jesus’ commandment, ‘Love one another even as I have loved you.’

The Leadership Forum is bridging gaps that only relationships can secure.  These weeks will forever be memorable in the lives of the young people who participate.  This program gives us hope that these students will be equipped to further the Gospel and have loving kindness for one another into the next generations regardless of race.  Without the kindness of others nurtured in relationships, Dred Scott would not have received his family’s freedom, despite the 1857 US Supreme Court Decision.”

Lynne M. Jackson
Great-great granddaughter of Dred Scott
President and Founder, The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation


“It was such a treat to host the young people of the Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C., and to see the impact the program is having on their lives.  The program’s core principles are incredibly relevant and vital in today’s world, and I look forward to its continued success.”

Shannon Bream
TV News Anchor, Fox News


“I had the pleasure of meeting with the Leadership Forum students during their recent retreat in Washington, DC.  I was extremely impressed by these 8th graders. Their thought-provoking questions and comments led to a very enthusiastic, challenging and enlightening discussion. This group is representative of the great work that is being done by John Murray and the Forum to help shape the young analytical minds of their generation.  I am honored to endorse this important program.”  

Robert L. Woodson, Sr.
The Woodson Center


“One hears a lot about ‘diversity’ these days, but if you want to see what it should look like, consider the Leadership Forum.  Leaders and students learn that in Christ there are no differences of race or gender, but all are one and united in Him.”

Cal Thomas
Nationally Syndicated Columnist and Author


“It gives me joy to support the Leadership Forum.  I am reminded of that marvelous challenge in 2 Peter 1:5—‘For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge.’ The Leadership Forum understands that moral excellence is rooted in Jesus and the foundation of great leadership across all of life.  May the mission of the Leadership Forum thrive for years to come.”

Tim Goeglein
Vice President for External Relations, Focus on the Family