Chapel, Assembly, Classroom or Retreat Speaker:

  • Any topics covered in PART 1 of In Whose Image?—Who Am I? / How Does the Media Influence Me? / What Is My Identity? / Where Did I Come From? / Where Does My Creativity Come From? / How Should I View Others? / How Should I Not View Others?
  • Living a Christ-Centered Life in Today’s Digital World (Help teens see the pros and cons of the digital world and how to use digital media with discernment and moderation)
  • Hollywood Meets the Apostles Creed (Helping students discern how biblical truths are presented in the media—both positively and negatively)
  • What Can We Learn from the History of Hollywood? (What happened when the biblical production code was removed from TV and film in the 1960s and what are the implications for today?)
  • Does Media Violence Lead to Real-Life Violence? (Look at the 4 ways humans respond to media violence and the impact it is having on society today)
  • Why is Understanding History Important for Confronting Racism Today?

Faculty-Board-School Mission Issues:

  • What are the Coming Trends Christian Schools Must Address to Stay Relevant?
  • How Can My School Speak Biblically into Diversity and Better Welcome Families of Color?
  • How Do I Engage and Recruit Millennial Parents?

Parent or Community Event Speaker:

  • How Do I Help My Teens Live a Christ-Centered Life in Today’s Digital World?
  • How Can I Equip My Teens to Speak into the Cultural Issues of Our Day from a Biblical Worldview?

In Whose Image? Faculty Training

IDLF leads faculty training workshops with In Whose Image? in the following ways:

  1. To equip teachers to teach In Whose Image? in the classroom
  2. To provide a teaching resource for schools to train teachers who are seeking to develop a stronger biblical worldview
  3. To provide a teacher resource for schools to train teachers who are transitioning from a public or private school and need a better understanding of how to integrate faith and learning in the classroom

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