In 2020-21, the IDLF Program came to Brookstone Schools.

Meeting two times a week with Head of School John Murray, 8th graders discuss what it means to be an image-bearer of God in today’s world–from our identity, to the power of social media, to issues of body image, gender, and race, to name a few topics.  Students also explore images, media worldviews, and history that omits, misrepresents, distorts and/or undermines the essentials of the Christian faith, as well as the images, media, and history that accurately presents the Gospel and the importance of loving others as fellow image-bearers.  The In Whose Image? e-textbook serves as a powerful resource for these critical teachings.

The IDLF Program culminates with a weeklong leadership retreat to Gettysburg and Washington, D.C. As students get to know one another and wrestle with the important cultural issues of our day, our prayer is that they will begin to understand each other’s backgrounds and perspectives to better equip them to be a light for Jesus as they graduate and transition to their respective high schools.