In Whose Image?

Given our cultural moment in America, Christian educators, youth leaders and parents are greatly concerned about raising young men and women in a world of bullying, media violence, poor self-image, and racism, to name a few challenging areas.

Considering these challenges, how are we to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders?

IDLF believes we must equip Christian schools to be a voice addressing this generation’s cultural moment.  A great need exists to provide quality and engaging curricular resources which will enable students to understand the implications of what it means to view themselves and others as image-bearers of God—and what has happened in history as a result of pursuing this belief.  The enhanced e-textbook entitled In Whose Image? The Image-bearers of God vs. The Image-makers of Our Time seeks to meet this need.

IDLF firmly believes In Whose Image?–designed as an 8th-12th grade course–can become a significant capstone class and serve as a major distinction in the marketplace for Christian schools— increasing their sustainability as they seek to recruit, retain, and train 21st century students to shine the light of Christ in these morally turbulent times.