Veterans Day

How do you define peace? That was the question I asked our 3K -6th grade students in our Veterans Day Chapel this Friday. Calm...Patience...Loving...Kindness...were just some of the many answers I received. While these words may not accurately define peace, I noted how treating others calmly, patiently, lovingly, and kindly as God’s image-bearers would definitely … Continue reading Veterans Day

Tips for Talking to Students About Tragedy and Loss

While our country continues to pray and mourn for the grieving families and their unspeakable loss in the Las Vegas shooting, I encourage you to consider how best to share this tragedy with your children (if age appropriate). Numerous resources are available online that discuss ways to help your child cope with tragedy—from the National Association of School Psychologists to the American Psychological Association: … Continue reading Tips for Talking to Students About Tragedy and Loss