In Whose Image? Part 1


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This e-book–In Whose Image? Part 1: Image-Bearers of God vs. the Image-Makers of Our Time—seeks to affirm students’ identities in Jesus Christ—so they can love God, love others, and love themselves—glorifying Him in the process.

The Problem? Christian educators, youth leaders and parents are greatly concerned about raising young men and women in a world of bullying, media violence, poor self-image, racism, ubiquitous social media, and secular humanist teachings, to name a few issues, without a moral compass rooted in biblical Truth.

The Cause? We have lost one of the biblical teachings that played a major role in righting wrongs throughout history—that we are all created in the image of God.

The Solution? Reclaim the biblical worldview of what it means to be an image-bearer of God and prepare young men and women to be thoughtful, winsome leaders in their schools and communities for Jesus Christ.

166 pages.

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