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Teaching In Whose Image? PART 1 in your class? Consider the following guide–a great resource for teachers, youth leaders, and parents.

This Teacher’s Guide will play a critical role in helping you teach PART 1 of In Whose Image? by preparing you to winsomely engage your students for Jesus Christ. The introduction to the lesson plans in each chapter provides the following:

AIM: states the main principal of each chapter

SEGUE: connects the current chapter with the previous chapter and how they build upon each other

OBJECTIVES: provides the major goals of each chapter and what the students should be learning

SO WHAT?: focuses on why each chapter is relevant to students today

As you will see in the lesson plans, the approach to teaching this material is Socratic-based. I believe asking questions is an important way to develop students’ critical thinking skills and help them evaluate the worldviews they are going to face. This approach also validates students’ thoughts and helps them better understand themselves and other’s backgrounds and perspectives.

72 pages IWI Part 1 Teacher’s Guide

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