“The textbook itself is amazing. The graphics are colorful and vibrant and well-placed. The layout is eye-catching without being too busy. It is engaging and has thought-provoking, stimulating content. Above all else, it is RELEVANT to today’s teens, which is always one of the biggest parts of keeping students engaged in Bible classes. It has modern, usable, relatable information and questions. I love it and wholeheartedly endorse In Whose Image?”

Michelle Sandwell, 8th Grade Bible Teacher, Norfolk Christian Schools, Norfolk, VA

In Whose Image? takes an in-depth look at the source of identities and where we draw our thoughts and beliefs. It has been insightful and very thought provoking. The responses I’ve received from my students have been extremely positive. The content has helped facilitate deep learning and discussion.”

Kevin McClintock, 7th and 8th Grade Bible Teacher, The Rock Academy, Point Loma, CA

“I love the resources you’ve curated and added into your curriculum. The diversity in the images and media content goes a long way in communicating the creativity of our God.”

-Luke Boythe, Middle School Director of Spiritual Life, 7th Grade Bible Teacher, Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte, NC

“Love it! So connected and relatable/applicable to the lives of our students.”

Jeff Faircloth, 9th grade Bible Instructor, Houston Christian High School, Houston, TX

“Students like the videos. The material is colorful and engaging. It is written for today’s student.”

Jon Maish, Middle School Bible Teacher, Westminster Schools of Augusta, GA