“After going through John Murray’s book, In Whose Image? with my 8th graders, I highly recommend this study. I found the topics to be interesting and relevant to their challenges today as young believers navigating through a very adult world. There are so many mixed messages about identity and image in our culture today. It can be very overwhelming for 13-year-olds to find purpose and clarity, to find truth that they can rely on in the midst of the uncertainty. I really appreciated John’s emphasis on what it means to be an image-bearer of God. Quite a few conversations were sparked in my class from this reference point.

As an African American, I also appreciated the featuring of people of color, not just the pictures, but the inclusion into the kingdom narrative and our place in history. A lot of Christian worldview curriculum tend to shy away or minimize the contributions and struggles of African Americans. I applaud Mr. Murray for the courage to be intentional about including people of color who are also created in the image of God. I highly recommend this book!”

Ed Baptiste, 8th Grade Bible Teacher, Hill Country Christian School of Austin, TX

“The textbook itself is amazing. The graphics are colorful and vibrant and well-placed. The layout is eye-catching without being too busy. It is engaging and has thought-provoking, stimulating content. Above all else, it is RELEVANT to today’s teens, which is always one of the biggest parts of keeping students engaged in Bible classes. It has modern, usable, relatable information and questions. I love it and wholeheartedly endorse In Whose Image?”

Michelle Sandwell, 8th Grade Bible Teacher, Norfolk Christian Schools, Norfolk, VA

“I have used In Whose Image? the past two years for my eighth grade curriculum. The content has served as a great platform to lead relevant discussions between me and the students, as well as among each other. I am very grateful John has taken the time to share his heart and passion to teach this generation who created the world and everything in it.”

Sara Fogle, 8th Grade Bible Teacher, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Peachtree Corners, GA

In Whose Image? takes an in-depth look at the source of identities and where we draw our thoughts and beliefs. It has been insightful and very thought provoking. The responses I’ve received from my students have been extremely positive. The content has helped facilitate deep learning and discussion.”

Kevin McClintock, 7th and 8th Grade Bible Teacher, The Rock Academy, Point Loma, CA

“Love it! So connected and relatable/applicable to the lives of our students.”

Jeff Faircloth, 9th grade Bible Instructor, Houston Christian High School, Houston, TX