Imago Dei Leadership Forum (IDLF) Mission Statement: 

to glorify God by influencing student leaders to affirm their identity and faith in Jesus and learn the importance of loving others as image-bearers of God—both in history and today—to prepare them to share the Gospel and pursue Christ-centered justice.

Imagine a generation that views itself and others as image-bearers of God.

Given our cultural moment in America, Christian educators, youth leaders, and parents are greatly concerned about raising young men and women in a world of bullying, media violence, poor self-image, and racism, to name a few crucial issues.

Considering these challenges, how are we to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders?

The Imago Dei Leadership Forum (IDLF) seeks to do this in 4 areas:

1. Identity in Christ (Genesis 1:26; Ephesians 2:10)— Affirm students’ identities as image-bearers of Jesus Christ—so they can love God, love others, and love themselves—glorifying Him in the process

2. Faith Integration (Romans 10: 9-12)—Equip students with the essentials of the Christian faith so they can 1) Know in whose image they were created, 2) Discern how biblical truths are presented in the media, and 3) Learn how to integrate their faith in all areas of life

3. Wisdom and Knowledge (Proverbs 1:1-7)— Equip students to know the truth and impact of treating others as image-bearers—both in history and today—so they can wisely confront inequity and pursue justice as a servant leader in their school and/or community

4. Visionary Leadership (Proverbs 29:18)—Equip students with the vision to engage a generation to love Jesus and His image-bearers

The Imago Dei Leadership Forum (IDLF) helps teens affirm their identity and faith in Jesus and equip them to learn the importance of loving others as image-bearers through the inspiring IDLF Program–using the engaging In Whose Image? e-textbook featuring new Gen Z research from The Barna Group and 42 videos–and the culminating trip to Gettysburg-Washington, D.C,